I am an Assistant Professor and A. Leicester Hyde Professor of Community and Regional Planning at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, a Fellow at the Center for Great Plains Studies and affiliate faculty of the Nebraska Transportation Center. I teach courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in transportation planning, land use, urban design, and research methods. My research interests include active transportation, social justice, and technology at the intersection of urban design and planning. 


Recent work includes: the interaction between "carrots and sticks" in travel behavior decisions, social media tools and equitable community engagement, and the phenomenon of "scofflaw bicycling" - why bicyclists break the rules of the road and why drivers respond in aggressive ways to bicyclists


I earned my PhD in Design and Planning from the University of Colorado Denver, where I was an NSF-IGERT Fellow in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure and a member of the Active Communities Transportation Research Group. I have a Master's of Urban and Environmental Planning and a Bachelor's in English (both from Arizona State University).